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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Fireworks 

heart shape in fireworks

Gifts are all well and good, but when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, making memories is where it’s at.  Whether you’re proposing, celebrating your engagement, or planning a special evening together, make it unforgettable with a mini fireworks display.

Proposal ideas at home

If you are stuck for some inspiration on how to pop the questions then here are some ideas 

– Don your chef’s hat and cook your loved one their favourite meal

– Invite your friends and family round for a surprise celebration

– Watch a romantic movie with a takeaway

But for a unique proposal, why not try a scavenger hunt that finishes with fireworks? There’s no better way to put the focus on personal memories that cement your relationship. 

Send your partner on a tour of special locations that mean a lot to you both. Then, at the end, launch a firework display for a super special finale that bursts with shimmer and sparkle!

If you’re proposing at the end of the scavenger hunt, you’ll be nervous enough without worrying about lighting multiple fuses. So, we recommend using barrage fireworks that fire multiple shots from a single fuse. This way, you can just light it, step back, and enjoy your loved one’s reaction.


Valentine’s Day Fireworks

Our online shop stocks a huge range of barrages to fit every budget, but here are a couple that we especially recommend:

The Diamond Princess

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and the Diamond Princess from Brothers Pyrotechnics has a run time of 45 seconds with an epic finale. It fires 28 shots with multi-coloured tails that burst in huge gold brocades with crackles and coloured tips. Simply stunning.

celebrate valentines with fireworks - pink box with diamond princess written on side containing fireworks

Sky Candy

Create a dazzling backdrop to your proposal with 100 shots of what can only be described as the most VIVID coloured candy stars filling the sky. With Pink, Purple, Blue, Green and Orange effects it will make a memory to cherish forever.

multicoloured box of fireworks called sky candy. available to order for home delivery in lincoln and boston

Remember – it’s illegal to set fireworks off in a public place, so your scavenger hunt will need to finish at a private property where you can light your fireworks safely. 

A unique way to propose – Proposal lancework

fireworks proposal

If you are too nervous to pop the question then why not let fireworks do all of the talking?  We can spell out your message in fireworks, in almost any colour with our lancework displays. Please note that we will require notice in order to make your piece so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Contact us to find out more

Celebrate your engagement with low-noise fireworks

If you popped the question over Christmas, you may be having an engagement party with friends and family to celebrate. Fireworks are a great addition to any celebration, but if you have young guests (or pets) who don’t like loud noises, that’s no problem. We stock a fantastic range of low noise fireworks that are designed to deliver a high-impact visual display without the big bangs. 

Here are two of our favourites:


We can’t recommend this enough! The Starlight from Evolution Fireworks is single-fuse barrage firing 36 shots over 35 seconds that burst with white fish, bright white strobes and twisting tourbillons. It’s a really striking firework that offers the perfect big finish to your low-noise display and, at just £24.99, you’ll have money left over for a top-notch bottle of bubbly (or two) 

Angel Dust Delight

This sparkly, professional style barrage from Brother’s Pyrotechnics is a lovely 50 shot firework that fires golden mine effect shots into the sky in a roving fan shape.

It quickens in pace the last 3 rows are fired as volleys with the final row having a crackle effect – which is perfect for your proposal photo opportunity.  This low noise  firework has a minimum viewing distance of 8m.

Buy fireworks online for home delivery – Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire

If you’re looking for more advice on planning the perfect home firework display for Valentine’s Day, speak to Gala Fireworks’ award-winning team of firework experts. Our team is based at our firework shop in Boston, and they can advise you on the perfect pyros to bring the romance in.

You can find us at: Mad Macs, 2 Maud Street, Boston, PE21 6TP but please order online for click and collect.

Home delivery can be arranged. Contact us before placing your order to discuss delivery charges.

Professional proposal displays can be arranged, including pyromusicals. Contact us to find out more.

Order Valentine’s Day fireworks online 

You can order all our fireworks online for click and collect, we may also be able to offer home delivery in the Lincoln area. Delivery charges will vary, so please contact us before making your purchase to confirm your timeslot and delivery fee. 

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