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See us at the Firework Champions!

We’re excited to announce that we will be competing in the Firework Champions at Weston Park, Telford on 23rd April 2022.

If you love fireworks this event is certainly for you! A full night of fireworks featuring a display by our award-winning team, plus 2 other top-notch pyro experts, all competing for the accolade of being the best display – as voted for by the attending public.

We have something really special planned and we can’t wait to set the sky alight in spectacular style. The Firework Champions consists of four spectacular fireworks shows in one night and tickets are available to buy online.

firework company in lincoln - green and pink fireworks shooting into the sky.

What happens at the Firework Champions event?

After starting off small, there are now nine pyrotechnic events dotted around the UK between April and September and 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the Fireworks Champions.

During the evening, three firework companies compete for the audience vote, with each one putting on a 10 minute Pyro-Musical display. Text voting is then open whilst a finale display is fired by either a previous winner or by the event organiser. Following this, the winners are then announced.

Each of the three competing companies is given a maximum NEQ (Net Explosive Quality) of fireworks they can use. No company gets any budgetary advantage, so the skill and expertise of the firers is paramount.

An event for all of the family!

Fireworks Champions is an event for the whole family.  Bring a picnic or sample some tasty dishes courtesy of the food and drinks vendors, there will be pre-show entertainment and a funfair for the kids – so come along, get comfortable and enjoy an evening of fabulous fireworks.

Thousands of spectators come along to watch and if you’re considering having fireworks at your event then this is the place to see us in action!

What is it like to take part in Fireworks Champions?

Taking part in a fireworks competition takes a lot of hard work and precision. The build-up of the shows is a great experience for the whole team and adds fuel to our burning passion for fireworks.

Even though we all want to win, the camaraderie and general banter between the competing firers is not something you can experience in many other industries. If one company needs help, the others will always step up and assist. It’s all about putting on a great show and that is the constant theme and aim of the event. 

What happens on the fireworks competition day?

On the day we all arrive on site early in the morning and typically have a 6-8 hour set up. Yes – 8 hours to put on a 10 minute display. That’s what firework displays are really like. That doesn’t include the many hours of design, picking and prep that goes on beforehand.

We have competed at a number of competitions over the years and are proud to be previous winners at Belvoir Castle, Eastnor Castle and Stanford Hall. Attending a Fireworks Champions event gives you a great opportunity to see what sort of pyrotechnic effects are available and how you might like to use them at your event.

How do we put on a competition display?

A competition musical display differs from a wedding or corporate fireworks display. In the majority of non-competition displays, the customer will choose, or have an active input in the musical choices and sometimes colour themes.

So when it comes to the Firework Champion competition, we try to choose a mix of genres, ages, and well-known music to appeal to all ages and tastes. You can’t go wrong with a bit of ABBA or Queen, but we always try to get some more recent music in there too.

Planning our display

The music choices we make are usually a very long discussion between our specialist firers Aaron and Andy (who have very different musical tastes). We sometimes put out a few of our choices to our crew and do a vote. The music we choose typically has plenty of access points and changes so that we can get the choreography perfectly timed. It’s always important to get a good quality finale, and so choosing a fantastic last track is vital.

When it comes to design, we both have our own ideas, but Aaron is the man. Andy can suggest an idea, Aaron not only knows the effect but typically can remember the manufacturer’s part number and how many we have in stock! That’s dedication and a true indication of the passion all our crew have for fireworks and creating the very best displays.

The perfect finale

With the finale being very important, we sometimes design that first. A high percentage of our NEQ limit is used up in the last few seconds of the display. As with all our displays, planning and formation are key; there are so many elements to consider such as venue restrictions, space, budget, colour, music, level of impact and safety.

We watch countless videos of previous displays and see which bits work well and which bits don’t. The problem with a firework display is that you don’t get a dress rehearsal!

Many hours are spent in front of a computer to do the design. We use a dedicated firework design and firing system so that every cue is programmed with precision. Sometimes there can be thousands so this can be a mammoth task.

shot of fireworks timings

The timing is an exact science.  Some fireworks such as shells take a few seconds to get the firework into the air before the effect will be seen; so if we want an effect to be visible at a certain time, we will need to launch it a few seconds before so that we get perfect timing with the music. On some effects, the lift is part of the effect and so these will need to be programmed into the design to be launched at the exact time.

We then run the firing script over and over again, visualising the display and making sure we have picked the correct effects at the right time. Once it is optimised that’s it, there’s no going back. 

Preparation is key

close up of single shot fireworks

A huge amount of time is spent in picking the displays labelling up the fireworks with their cue number and building up the single shot plates. This prep ensures that the fireworks display is executed in sync with the firing script.

The set up

Finally, on the display day, we keep our fingers crossed that we have dry weather. We brief our crew and then begin the rig. 

We have a great team all with a keen eye for the details which is why we are no stranger to winning.

If everything goes to plan, we will finish a few hours before firing time, we’ll sound check with the PA crew, and run some firing system tests. 

Then we can relax a bit before the spectators begin to arrive and then enjoy the atmosphere that builds up during the evening. Of course, there is always time for a crew photo opportunity!

Gala fireworks award winning team of firers

When it comes to firing time, the lead firer on the night will take over. Final checks are made, and we wait for the countdown from the crowd. Even after firing hundreds of displays, that bit is still nerve-racking but is testimony to our passion for creating truly mesmerizing fireworks displays for all occasions. 

What happens after?

And after all that, the spectators begin to leave, the excitement is done…head torches are on, the de-rig begins. A few hours after the last firework has fired, the vans are packed and we begin the journey back to Lincoln. 

So, that 10 minute display takes us days and days and days to make it happen. And we still need to unload the vans.

We couldn’t do it without the boys and girls who crew for us, so thanks to all of those. 

When you attend the Firework Champions or any other big pyrotechnic event, give the fireworks companies a big cheer at the end. That 10-15 minute display has taken a team of people a long time and hard work to put together!

Fireworks Lincoln, UK

If you are looking to book a professional fireworks display, contact our team by calling 01522 214966 or by email and we will be happy to help. Or come and see us in action at Fireworks Champions, Weston Park.

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