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How much would a wedding fireworks display cost?

Group of wedding guests watching a firework display by Gala Fireworks

Do you really want a wedding fireworks display, but are not sure about the cost? Gala Fireworks can provide expert advice to add charm, magic, glitz and glamour to your special day, making memories that will last forever and entertain your guests. 

Our wedding fireworks packages are carefully crafted to ensure that you get our award winning expertise whatever your budget. Alternatively, if you have a specific vision for a truly unique firework display on your wedding day, then we can put together a bespoke package that best reflects your ideas.

Whether you are holding a big wedding or a small celebration, here are some ideas on how you can feature fireworks in your wedding celebrations, along with a general guide as to how much a wedding fireworks display would cost.

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Types of wedding firework displays

Kick-off the evening reception

After the ceremonial part of your wedding day, it’s a great opportunity to further celebrate tying the knot by having a wedding fireworks display at nightfall. If your venue has an outdoor dancefloor then you could have a small backdrop display to frame your first dance and make for some stunning photos. If not, we can work with your photographer to make sure you are captured perfectly watching the display either on your own or with your guests, with the fireworks going off in the background.

If you’re looking for a display of between four to ten minutes, such as those seen around Bonfire Night, our typical displays cost around £2,000 to £5,000. See here for some of our ready-made Platinum, Diamond and Ultimate fireworks packages. 

Pyro musical display

Music can evoke all emotions and combined with fireworks this can create a truly memorable fireworks display for you and your guests.

Some of the popular songs we have co-ordinated pyro displays to include, ‘It Must Be Love’ by Madness and ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ by Coldplay, which has been particularly popular in recent years.

We also fire themed displays which can really enhance your party. If it’s a fancy dress Superheros, or a summer ball where Its posh dresses and Tuxedos what could be better than some James Bond musical fireworks. If you’ve got a theme…we can bring your party to life with a bespoke firework display that fits perfectly.

Some songs lend themselves to pyro musicals perfectly, see this video that features a display lasting approximately 3.5 minutes and took almost 30 man hours to design and set up! Featuring shells from 3″ – 6″, roman candles, cakes, gerbs and slices it is a truly magnificent display. 

Choose your special song and let us do our magic and bring it to life! Some songs are more difficult to fire to, however, we can work with pretty much any song and love a challenge! Here’s another song ‘Nothing gonna stop us’ that a couple requested for a wedding at Chillingham Castle. Goosebumps get us every time! 

A Pyro musical display can cost between £1,800-£3,000, up to £20,000 depending on how long you would like it to run for. and how big you want to go.

sparkler walk way for a wedding - UK

Unique and Insta worthy photo opportunities

A short, sharp burst of fireworks can add a great impact to mark the part of your day that is most significant to you! 

How about a sparkler walkway interspersed with your friends and family, a lattice monogram or initials in fire writing, or charm your guests with a magnificent waterfall backdrop to your first dance (out door dancefloors only).

For a unique photo opportunity, we can offer great impact from £75 to £250.

See our enhanced features options here. 

*Make sure you book a photographer that can take these type of specialised shots!

A spectacular firework finale to your wedding 

A wedding day is a big milestone for the happy couple, and your guests will have enjoyed celebrating with you throughout your day.

After the ceremony, fabulous food and partying, it’s always a nice touch to mark the end of the day’s celebration with a wedding fireworks display. Taking in a show of breath-taking fireworks gives you and all your guests the opportunity to reflect, remember and celebrate, whilst looking towards your future together.

Typical non-musical wedding displays are around £1,000-£1,500.

Blow the budget! £25,000+

We have fired displays of £25,000 + so if the sky’s the limit with your budget, we promise a truly epic fireworks performance, working with you all the way to light up the sky just as you desire, filling hearts and blowing minds!

Quiet wedding fireworks 

Low noise or quiet fireworks allow for all of the magic and sparkle of traditional fireworks but without the loud bang. 

Low level noise doesn’t mean low level impact, but if you have young, old, even four- legged friends to consider; or a venue with noise restrictions, choosing quiet wedding fireworks allows you a magnificent display with more of a snap, crackle and pop!  For more firework related things to consider when booking your venue read our blog.

We have a wide range of quiet fireworks to choose from and we can combine these to create the perfect display for your wedding, for around £1,000 to £1,500. Or what about a low noise Pyromusical? These displays give you everything a musical has to offer; the split second timing, choreography to the music, fantastic effects -just without the bangs.

Award winning wedding fireworks UK

We are based in Lincolnshire but can provide our award winning displays anywhere in the UK.  Please note that some of our smaller fireworks packages are only available within Lincolnshire.

Still need to convince someone? 

If you still need to convince a certain someone that fireworks are a must-have at your wedding then take a look at our blog 4 Reasons Why Wedding Fireworks Should Feature In Your Big Day.

To discuss your ideas and budget for a wedding fireworks display, we’d love to hear from you. Our experienced firers can be contacted over the phone by calling 01522 214966 or by email 

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