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New Years Eve Fireworks Boston – Order Online

new years eve fireworks for sale

Visit our Boston, Lincolnshire fireworks shop.

Or call us on 01522 214966 to order your New Year Eve fireworks. We have a team of ‘Firers’ who can offer you advice on creating a showstopping fireworks display to end the year with a bang!

Our vast range of fireworks give a choice of firing patterns or you can choose a multitube device that creates a ready-made display from a box.

You can visit us in person at our shop for same day collection, Mad Mac’s, 2 Maud Street, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 6TP, or order via our online shop. Shop now!

Order New Year’s Eve fireworks online here.

New Year’s Eve is one of the oldest celebrated holidays, and may mean many different things to different people. Perhaps you’re wanting to start afresh? are looking forward to a more positive new year? maybe you’d like to mark the occasion by remembering someone close to you? or do you simply want to celebrate being amongst friends?

Gala Fireworks can help you create the perfect New Year Eve fireworks display for your type of event and budget. We sell fireworks from over ten leading manufacturers. Our range includes multitube device fireworks ‘Cake Barrages’ plus Rockets, Candles and Mines, Fountains and Wheels.

We can guarantee you a multicoloured New Years Eve fireworks display, full of sparkle, crackle, strobe and whistle.

Our top fireworks for New Years Eve include:

Go Crazy: This is a stunning barrage firework with mixed colour and sound effects where 49 shots give lots of colour and noise with a mixture of effects. Buy fireworks online now

REBEL YELL: Make a serious stand with a noisy large barrage cake, sure to catch everybody’s attention. With 36 shots this is guaranteed to wow! Buy fireworks online now

SUPREME STAR: This is another stunning product from Hallmark Fireworks. With fantastic colours and a mix of effects, and a rapid fired pre-finale leading to a big lift to sign out 2021 in style. Buy fireworks online now.

We have some great fireworks on sale which would make a fantastic addition to your New Years Eve firework display, take a look here to find details of our ‘In stock’ items.

For same day advice and collection from our shop at Mad Mac’s, 2 Maud Street, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 6TP.

Low Noise Fireworks, Low Sound Fireworks, Quiet Fireworks and Sparklers – UK

Whatever you call them Low Noise Fireworks are becoming more popular. Do you love the sparkle, shimmer, and shine of fireworks, but are mindful of pets, young children, neighbours?

Don’t let that stop you from enjoying a Low Noise New Years Eve fireworks display!

For a simpler New Years Eve Fireworks display, we have a great range of Rockets, Candles and Mines, Fountains and Wheels.

We have a great range of Low noise fireworks, that still produce vibrant and colourful displays, whilst reducing noise. These quieter fireworks contain less flash powder so that they produce less of a bang.

Gala Fireworks has a burning passion for fireworks and pyrotechnics. We take pride in every display and can give you the best advice when it comes to creating your own fireworks show.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Firework Advice

If you would like advice on how to create your firework display, contact our specialist firers on 01522 214966 or by email

You can place your order via our online shop: Shop now!

Fireworks Home Delivery UK

Please check our Facebook page for updated details of our fireworks delivery service in Boston and Lincolnshire. Before placing and order online, please contact us to arrange a delivery date and confirm the delivery charge.

For delivery to areas outside of Lincoln or Boston (such as Doncaster, Grantham, Lincoln, Louth, Newark on Trent, Retford, Scunthorpe, Skegness, Sleaford, Spalding, Tuxford and Worksop) please call us on 01522 214966, before placing your order to book your delivery slot.

Please note that we will only supply fireworks to those over the age of 18.

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