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Our Best Fireworks: Buy Online

Light up the sky with a fantastic fireworks display from our range of specially selected fireworks.

You can order fireworks online for local home delivery, click and collect, or visit our shop in Boston, Lincolnshire. Please check our Fireworks Home Delivery costs and schedule before placing your order.

With big bangs, fabulous fizzes and perfect pops, we have a range of fireworks to make your celebration one to remember. We have over 200 fireworks available to buy instore and online, ranging from rockets, compound cakes, barrages, fountains, wheels and sparklers.

Buy Fireworks Online

Not sure which fireworks to choose from?

Finding the best fireworks for your display can be mindboggling but there is no need to struggle, our team of firework specialists are on hand to help you put together your perfect home display.  Simply call us on 01522 214966 and we will be happy to help.

Or choose one of our fantastic selection boxes which contain everything you need to put on the perfect at-home display.   

Rockets are a must for any display as they create the bang and wow that many people love. We have over 18 types of rocket packs in our shop, including the amazing Falcon Rocket Pack which will definitely WOW your audience.  The Falcon is currently on offer (buy here).  Shop our current range of Rockets here.

Wheels are perfect for garden displays and are a really good option for those wanting a low noise option. Shop our current range of wheels here.

Fountains are perfect if you have small children who may be frightened by big bangs. Fountains are ground-based and shoot crackles or plumes of sparks into the air, at a much lower level than a rocket. Shop our range of fountains here.

Looking for quiet fireworks?

Low noise fireworks are perfect if you have pets, live in a built up area, near livestock, or you live near those who are older or have hearing sensitivities.  In fact, many councils are asking people to buy low noise fireworks wherever possible.

Now noise fireworks are not 100% quiet however, they don’t contain as much flash powder so they do not produce a loud bang. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a beautiful display, a ‘no-bangs’ display will focus more on colours and effects, with the main noise being made by the firing charge, or softer cackles and whistles.

Low noise selection boxes

We now stock a number of Low Noise Selection boxes which offer superb value for anyone with small gardens or for those with small children and pets who don’t like big bangs.

Firework Safety

Please note that it is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under the age of 18, and it is illegal to carry fireworks in a public place if you are under 18.

All of our fireworks are specially selected and are from our approved suppliers.  Here are some tips on staying safe.

  • Do not let children play with fireworks, or handle matches, lighters or portfires near fireworks (or anywhere for that matter!)
  • Always read and follow the instructions
  • Place the fireworks on a flat surface so that they are secure from falling over
  • Aim fireworks away from people, animals and buildings
  • Keep a bucket of water to hand in case of malfunction
  • Store and place fireworks away from flammable substances
  • Do not relight a firework that has not fully discharged

Buy fireworks online UK – Delivery in Lincolnshire and North Notts

Buy fireworks online for delivery to areas outside of Lincoln, such as; Boston, Doncaster, Grantham, Lincoln, Louth, Newark on Trent, Retford, Skegness, Sleaford, Spalding, Tuxford and Worksop. Please call us on 01522 214966, before placing your order to book your delivery slot.


Or you can collect from our shop at Mad Macs, Boston Lincolnshire, PE21 6TP.

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