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4 reasons why a firework display should feature in your big day

4 reasons why a wedding firework display should feature in your big day

Is your wedding day on the horizon? Are you newly engaged or have you been planning your wedding for a while? If you’re looking to create lasting memories beyond making your vows, then you should plan a wedding firework display; our award winning team of specialists can guide you to produce a fantastic finale to your big day.

Here are 4 reasons why a wedding firework display is a must have:

  1. Throw a wedding that stands out from the rest.

How many weddings have you been to that all follow the same format? Now that we are coming out of the pandemic It’s time to ramp things up and really celebrate your love, giving your guests some fantastic entertainment to boot. How about a sparkler walkway with all of your friends and family, or set your initials in fireworks with a lancework piece or fire-writing set?

We can create a wedding firework display to suit your budget – from a small intimate affair or grand all-encompassing pyromusical show.  Take a look at our wedding firework displays here.

  1. Share your personalities

Your wedding day is unique to you and fireworks at your wedding can reflect your personality. Are you quiet and subtle, loud and outgoing, or do you like to be the centre of attention? Fireworks can really let your personality shine. What do you like, short sharp bursts of colour and lots of bang, or a slower quieter sequenced display? What’s your ‘couple’s song or chosen first dance number? We can coordinate a display to depict you as a couple perfectly, and start married life with huge pazazz. 

  1. Make memories that last forever

However big or small you want your celebration to be, your wedding is a high stakes life event and its memory to be treasured by all. A wedding firework display can add a truly special and personal element to your day.  Someone special to you could press the button that starts the display, or you could remember someone you have lost by having a musical display to their favourite song?  

We can design a package to suit your particular audience, perhaps you have young children to consider, or even have your pets as guests! We have a wide range of low noise fireworks that can still provide a spectacular show, but without the bang. 

  1. Insta-worthy photo opportunities

Your wedding day is a lot about the visuals of the day, the dress, the rings, the cake, smiling happy faces. How about topping all this off with a wedding firework display to capture some really special photos. A fireworks display can provide the perfect backdrop to creating some spectacular ‘instagram worthy’ photographic memories of your day. Maybe a shimmering waterfall as a backdrop to your evening photos (or first dance if this is outside) or your name in lights as you look towards your future as a married couple?

*Just make sure that your photographer is up to speed with what we are planning so that they can capture these special moments!

Want to create a wedding to remember?

You may be months into the planning of your wedding or just setting out but whatever stage you are at in the planning process we want to make sure your special day is one to remember. 

No matter your location or wedding venue, we have a UK wide network of firers, reliable and safe suppliers who all share our passion and enthusiasm to create the best wedding fireworks in the UK.

Take a look at our NYE wedding firework display below.

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