Fireworks & UK Law

UK Fireworks Law

What is the Minimum age requirement to purchase fireworks?

UK law states that no persons younger than the age of 18 can purchase fireworks, however when buying fireworks from one of our retail shops we tolerate a strict challenge 25 policy where we will ask for I.D. if we feel you look younger than this. Please do not take offence to our staff if they do ask you for I.D. this is simply to ensure we are abiding by the U.K. laws.

What is the best way to light my fireworks?

There are many ways you can actually ignite your fireworks and certain ways make life much easier, the most common way is a using Portfires which you can purchase here. Portfires have a constant, strong burning flame at the tip lasting a few minutes each, they really do make lighting fireworks much easier. You can also use gas torches such as Rothenburger. Or for ultimate technology you can use electronic firing systems. We can quote you on these and the ignition method depending on your requirements.

When am I allowed to set off my fireworks?

You are allowed to set off fireworks any day of the week from 7am -11pm however this is extended on the following dates –

Until midnight on bonfire night (5th November)

Until 1am on Chinese New Year & Diwali

Until 1am on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Please do remember to always be considerate to those around you when firing fireworks, inform your neighbours if possible, bear in mind the elderly, children and animals and keep well within the allotted legal time brackets. You may want to consider a low noise firework display if you are in a built up or rural area.  Check out our Low Noise Fireworks to buy online, or have a look at our low noise display

One of my fireworks didn’t work?

In this very unlikely case, we advise you to leave the particular firework where it is and do not return to it for at least 24 hours, after doing so take some pictures of the misfire for our reference and then totally submerge in water for a further 24 hours before placing in your normal black bin.

Please get in touch, we will be happy to take a look at the pictures before passing it on to the manufacturer and getting you a full refund.

What is the best way to secure my fireworks?

Securing your pyro really is essential and the best way to do so is via the staking method, simply knock wooden stakes into the ground with a mallet and then Gaffa tape your fireworks to them. If you cannot do this or don’t have stakes etc. then you can also place a couple of bricks on either side of your firework to prevent them toppling over. We supply stakes and gaffa tape in our shop.

Read the Instructions

Make sure that you read the instructions on ALL your fireworks, different fireworks behave differently and need to be set up and secured in their own unique way to guarantee firework safety.

Extra Info

  • Unpack the fireworks in a safe place away from open fires and easily inflammable material.
  • Make sure that the fireworks are all separated from the packing material.
  • Always light fireworks with a portfire attached to a stick held at arm’s length.
  • Remember that fireworks are fragile.
  • When out of doors, the firework box should be covered with a tarpaulin or other spark proof material as a spark could ignite the whole contents.
  • Never walk or lean across the top of any firework.
  • Always soak unignited fireworks in water for 24 hours before disposal
  • Never smoke when handling fireworks
  • Never put used or unused fireworks on to a bonfire
  • Make sure rockets are free to rise from their tubes. Rockets will always fly into the wind. If it’s very windy, DON’T FIRE THEM.
  • Check any cakes with angles are facing the audience correctly. You don’t want your firework firing over their heads.